Aus govt working ‘around the clock’ to fix China beef import ban

There’s growing concern that Australia is facing a trade war with China, after it imposed an import ban on four Aussie abattoirs.

Three of the four abattoirs are based in Queensland, throwing the future of beef farmers into doubt.

It comes just days after China threatened to introduce an 80 percent tariff on Australian barley.


There is suspicion that the moves follow the Prime Minister’s call for an independent inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus outbreak.

Federal Trade Minister Simon Birmingham has told Sunrise that the matters are not related, though they are becoming concerning.

“Chinese officials say both privately and publicly that these are unconnected matters, that the investigations in relation to barley and the issues in relation o beef have been running for 12-18 months in duration before they’ve reached these decisions.

“Now the decision themselves concern us, and that’s why we’re working around the clock as a government to respond in a calm and methodical matter to Chinese authorities and to put the best possible case forward for our farmers and businesses to make sure that we protect the thousands of jobs that are involved,” Minister Birmingham said.

Meantime, it’s understood the dairy industry has now called a snap meeting with the federal government, with concerns they could be next.

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Well sure, if you sell off the farmland and allow china to open a private port they will develop a micro-economy inside of Australia, it’s not hard to see that that is what they are doing with the water by buying water tapping rights in towns like stanthorp and mt tamborine, Milk with buying dairy farmers, the list goes on and as long as the government gets a kickback we get the raw end of the deal. Chinese workers paid into Chinese banks within China and not a single cent comes into the Australian economy while they are working within Australian land which is owned from outside. Maybe this will bring the price of beef and other products to a reasonable price within the shops.

Hang on a minute???
Only a few months ago hundreds of thousands of Australians rallied around our farmers to support them through the drought the bushfires and shortages due to corona virus panic etc.
Millions of animals were lost or destroyed due to these natural disasters.
Prices went through the roof due to lack of supply to Australians.
Exports continued throughout this period of 1st grade quality product.
We for to long have come second to overseas customers demanding 1st quality product and Australians getting the left over unwanted product, marketed as the best in the world.
We have sold some of our most productive and largest farming stations to overseas “investors”.
We have sold them a port to enable their own product to be shipped overseas without much return to Australians.
Now we a worried that they may stop buying products from us.
How about we keep the quality in Australia, reduce the prices and maybe most Australians could afford to buy more product for their own consumption.
Yes we need export but don’t let them hold us to ransom. If they choose to hold off so be it.
After a while they will require our product once more, but give them the 2nd rate products and charge them for the privilege not Australians..

Well said, our country should have the first grade products I am so sick of paying high prices for 2nd rate, tasteless meat

Maybe its time we woke up and stopped the Chinese from buying all our water, farms and increasing the price of our houses.
They are the ones that will miss out, not the Australians, because for a change the price of meat should be reasonable and we should get top quality product.
The government needs to make changes to make sure that Australians can afford housing, produce etc and ban the Chinese from buying, they would soon regret their threats.