AusPol: It’s time to do your effin job

Like most Aussies, I’m as confused as ever about the state of Australian politics.

This time last week there were vague rumbles of discontent in the air, which was the first indication we ‘plebs’ had of an actual potential problem. It quickly transformed into a full-on brutal war for leadership of the country, and now, we have a new Prime Minister.

The events of the last week have spawned some funny memes and gags, including this hilarious website, IsScottMorrisonStillPrimeMinister.


But all jokes aside… this is getting beyond a joke, isn’t it?

The absolute worst part of it all is when you realise just how long this has been going on.

Malcolm Turnbull, keen on finding out exactly who stabbed him in the back, requested a list of the 43 MPs who roiled him. On that list was a signature from Warren Entsch, who signed his name and then wrote: “For Brendan Nelson.”

Remember Brendan? I have to plumb to hidden depths of my memories to recall him, then it all came rushing back: he was chosen the leader of the Liberal Party a decade ago, when they were in opposition to Labor, at the time led by Kevin Rudd.

Dr Nelson was chosen after a bitter stoush between Nelson, Abbott and Turnbull.

Abbott and Turnbull.

Abbott, who has allegedly been plotting from the backbench to get rid of Turnbull and weasel his way back into relevance, ever since he was pushed out of the top job in 2015.

Turnbull, who allegedly harassed and undermined Nelson for the entire duration of his 10-month stint as opposition leader.

“If you had any idea of what he said to me over those 10 months, you would be shocked,” Dr Nelson told Fairfax journalist Peter Hartcher when he quit parliament. “I thought he was demonstrative, demanding, emotional and narcissistic, using his wealth and charm for seduction, and always with a sinister threat just beneath the surface.”

It seems that one eventually always reaps what you sew?

I know I’m not the only Australian who is completely fed up with the immaturity, ego and petulance that our supposed “leaders” have on high display.

This short (NSFW – swearing) video sums it up best. Not only does it capture the exact feelings of virtually all Australians right now, but it was also created by the ABC’s Tonightly – meaning it was created using taxpayers dollars. If pollies can waste our money, so can we!