Aussie athletes touch down to rousing welcome home

Most of Australia’s team from the Olympics will touch down in Sydney around 7:15am for an official welcome home.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will lead the official welcoming party, but it’s the athletes’ families who will be the most excited to welcome them home.

Australia finished in 10th place on the medals table, winning eight gold medals.


Some have criticised the result, saying they didn’t perform well enough given the amount of funding fuelled into the Rio Games.

But Sports Minister Sussan Ley says a 10th place finish on the medal tally shouldn’t be slighted.

“For those children at school, watching their heroes compete on the world stage, yes medals are important but they’re not the only thing,” she said.

“These young men and women are fantastic role models.”

Ms Ley, who is also Health Minister, issued a reminder that while there were no Zika infections reported during the Games, there is still a risk anyone who went to Rio may have picked up the mosquito-borne virus while in Brazil.

She said there’s a risk of the disease spreading through sexual activity.

“Australians returning from Brazil should use condoms or avoid unprotected sex for at least eight weeks,” she said.

“That obviously needs to be reviewed if you are diagnosed with Zika.”

Australian swim team bosses have reportedly fallen out with the Olympic team hierarchy.

The Australian reports our swimmers are being accused of being “elitist”, and acting as a “team within a team”.