Aussie Christmas tree breaks world record

AN AUSTRALIAN father has set a new world record for the most lights on an artificial Christmas tree.

Canberra lawyer David Richards used of almost 520,000 LED lights to decorate the 22-metre tree which is standing proud in the city centre of the nation’s capital.

Image: Fifth Lane Photography

Image: Fifth Lane Photography


The father-of-three began the project as a fundraiser for charity SIDS and Kids ACT after he his wife Janean lost their one-month-old baby in 2002.

Known locally as the “Christmas lights man”, David has previously set the Guinness World Records for Largest image made of LED lights and Most Christmas lights on a residential property.

Image: Fifth Lane Photography

Image: Fifth Lane Photography

Mr Richards’ latest tree takes the title off Universal Studios in Japan.

“For a little charity to come out of nowhere and beat the previous record is extraordinary – Canberra has taken the world record away from a major theme park in Japan!” Mr Richards said.

“This has been an enormous undertaking involving architects, electrical and civil engineers, designers, and an army of SIDS and Kids ACT volunteers all donating their time and goods and services.”


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