Aussie coal exports threatened in escalating trade tensions with China

Concern is growing that Australia’s coal industry in next on the import chopping block for China, as trade tensions continue to escalate.

It comes after Beijing imposed an 80 percent tariff on our Barley imports, and banned beef imports from a number of Australian abbatoirs, including three in Queensland.

There are suspicions that China is retaliating to Australia’s push for an inquiry into the origins of coronavirus, however Beijing has denied it.


In the latest move, it’s been reported that the Chinese government is now warning state-owned power plants not to buy new shipments of Australian thermal coal, in favour of domestic products.

Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack telling the ABC it’s a concerning move, but is positive it will be resolved.

“We have a two-way relationship with China.

“China needs Australia as much as Australia needs China and we want to make sure that whatever we do is in a careful and considered way.

“We want to make sure that our coal exports have a destination.

“China has long been a customer of ours. They know the quality of our coal, they know the quality of our iron ore and other resources,” Michael McCormack said.

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China were using Australia’s clean coal due to global pressure to reduce emissions. Now they seem to have given up worrying about what the rest of the world think and will revert to using their own dirty coal. Those who think it’s a win to have less coal shipped from Australia are very naive.