Aussie cricketers back on home soil after fleeing India

A plane full of Aussie cricketers, support staff and media have touched down in Sydney this morning, after fleeing Covid-ravaged India.

The group have spent two weeks in a resort in the Maldives after the Indian Premier League was postponed due to the escalating crisis.

There they waited for the federal government’s Indian travel ban that finally lifted on May 15.


There were 38 people on the plane that touched down in Sydney Airport around 7.30 am, Monday, May 17.

All of the group are now being transferred to a quarantine hotel where they will have to remain for two weeks.

Meantime, thousands of people remain stranded in India despite repatriation flights resuming over the weekend.

It’s understood around 150 people were scheduled to arrive on one of the first flights back, but only about half actually made it onto the plane with the other half not allowed due to either testing positive or being considered a close contact of a positive case.

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How much more spin can be put on this saga? Greedy elitist sports people are permitted to travel the world and skip the que when they want to come home. All Australians should be treated equally.

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3 words sum up the past 12 months –


I am an LNP voter, but now hate silly willy ScoMo and his lying bulls***! Time for a change at the next federal election. Kick ScoMo Out Now. ➡️