Aussie duo missing in Mexico

MYSTERY surrounds the apparent disappearance of two Australian men on a holiday in Mexico.

The families of surfers Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman are desperate for information.

They say the pair, from Golden Bay in Western Australia, failed to show up at a pre-booked accommodation in Guadalajara and have not made contact for more than a week.


Their friend Josie Cox has been using social media to aid the search and spread information and photos of Adam and Dean. On Saturday night she confirmed they had received news of “distressing developments”.

“We’d like to update everyone to announce we have had some distressing developments which we have not yet had confirmed,” Ms Cox posted.

“We would appreciate any updates on information if you know anyone that has any, but ask that the Lucas and Coleman family have some privacy at this time. Once we have confirmed news, we will update everyone ASAP.”

The mens’ last known location was 900km north of Guadalajara on November 20. They are driving a white and blue campervan.

Image: Facebook/Josie Cox

Image: Facebook/Josie Cox

Foreign Affairs says it’s assisting the families.