Aussie man mauled by tiger in Thailand

AN Australian man is recovering in a Thai hospital, after being mauled by a tiger whilst on holidays.

Melbournian Paul Goudie was attacked by a large tiger at the Tiger Kingdom theme park in Phuket on Tuesday.

It’s believe the 49-year-old stepped inside a cage to pat the large tiger when he was attacked.


Park attendants were quick to pull Goudie to safety as tourists watched on in horror.

Goudie suffered injuries to his stomach and legs and was rushed to a Phuket hospital for emergency treatment. He remains in a stable condition.

Park staff used a taser to subdue the tiger. It’s believed the tiger involved will be no longer in contact with visitors to the theme park.

Tiger Kingdom opened in Phuket around one year ago. Visitors can pay up to $150 for a full-package ticket, which allows them to be photographed with chained animals in their enclosures.