Aussie Meat Pie set for NBA debut

Get the hot dogs out of the way, bin the burgers and toss that taco in the trash, the Australian food giant Four’N’Twenty is pushing for Americans to eat meat pies at NBA games.

The international voyage for our humble pie comes after the Philadelphia 76ers netted a deal with the pie manufacturing giants.

The 76ers is home to Australian Basketball sensation Ben Simmons and his star status will be leveraged in a bid for Americans to enjoy meat pies.


Australiana will be in full swing in the NBA in January when Simmons headlines an Australian-themed NBA heritage match.

The Herald Sun reports 76ers coach, Brett Brown, wants to bring his team to Melbourne to play an NBA game.

“Personally, I’d be elated to bring the 76ers to Australia.’’

“To be able to deliver Ben to the Australian marketplace from a domestic standpoint and bring him back home would just do great things for the sport in Australia,’’ he said.

What’s more, the coach predicted Americans would fall in love with the pies.

“It’s such a part of the Australian culture,’’ he said.

“What the hotdog is to America, the meat pie is to Australia.

“It’s just part of the fabric of the nation and I think it’s an interesting and logical relationship and we look forward to helping them.’’