Aussie parents will ‘guilt spend’ to keep kids happy these school holidays

NEW research has revealed an astonishing amount of Aussie parents will fork out hundreds of dollars to entertain and keep their kids happy these school holidays.

According to online marketplace Groupon, 72% of parents will ‘guilt-spend’ an average of $420 on gifts and activities as a quick fix for not spending enough time with their kids this summer.

Although half (50%) of Aussie parents say they are excited for the Summer school holidays, Groupon’s findings reveal that more than one-third (36%) admit to feeling stress, one-quarter (26%) feel guilt due to the expectations of their children, and one-fifth (20%) reveal they’re anxious just thinking of ways to entertain the family.


Interestingly, the rise of social media also seems to be a large contributing factor to parents feeling the summer holiday stress.

While half of Aussie parents (54%) say complaints from their children about being bored is the main culprit for feeling guilty, others said photos and videos posted online also play a part.

One-quarter (26%) of Aussie parents told Groupon that they feel pressured when their child tells them about activities they have seen their friends do on social media, while one in five (19%) admit to only uploading the best picture onto social media.

Mummy blogger Olivia White from House of White said Aussie parents can help curb the school holiday stress by showing a more realistic side of parenting during the busy summer months.

Parents are under constant pressure to appear to ‘have it all together’, particularly during the school holidays when boredom can run high after the festive period and you’re trying to find new ways to keep the children entertained with activities that don’t cost an arm and a leg,” Ms White said.

“Also, the ‘filter’ many of us add to our social media posts to generate Insta-worthy happy snaps that portray perfection can leave parents questioning, ‘am I doing enough?’, particularly when we see other parents posting their family experiences online. But, as many parents know, that’s not always the reality.

“Instead, I’m encouraging parents to unfilter their lives and accept that sometimes the reality of parenting is messy, but it can be a lot of fun at the same time.”