Aussie swim coach banned from role in Rio

The man who helped guide the swimming careers of superstars Susie O’Neill and Samantha Riley has been banned from being part of Brazil’s delegation at the Rio Olympics.

Coach Scott Volkers has been prohibited from working with children under 16 years in Australia due to a number of sex abuse accusations. He has been on trial for charges made by three swimmers, but let off after a court ruled there was insufficient evidence to try him.

He has also previously been banned from having anything to do with the Pan Pacific Swimming tournament held on the Gold Coast.


Volkers left Australia and moved to Brazil in 2011 where he continued to coach swimming.

However, Australian Olympic Committee President John Coates recently made an appeal in writing to his Brazilian counterpart, requesting that Volkers not be accredited for the August games.

“We believe it (Volkers) should not be involved in any way with the Rio 2016,” the letter says.

That request has been approved.