Aussie TV and film production at record high

The annual Drama Report, released today by Screen Australia, shows Australian television drama at a record high – and the amount of local feature film productions is also rising.

The Drama Report provides a snapshot of how much content is in active production. It showed over $843 million was spent in Australia across 118 film and television productions during 2015/16, which included $273 million by foreign productions.

The result was 51 feature films, and 67 TV dramas – higher than the five year average.


The Report also showed that, with the exception of ongoing serials Home And Away and Neighbours, longer series of 20 or more episodes are no longer being produced. The trend is, instead, towards more mini-series.

CEO of Screen Australia Graeme Mason said: “I’m delighted to see every single network had multiple dramas in production – an unprecedented 58 in total – responding to the Australian audience’s appetite to watch their own stories on screen.”

Mr Mason added that, even with feature film production in Australia being ad hoc, we continue to make a global name for ourself in post production which could be outsourced from other countries – such as digital and visual effects – with Aussie production houses this year working on everything from Ghostbusters to Game of Thrones.

Screen Australia Chief Operating Officer Fiona Cameron said it was also great to see growth in online drama, with local talent taking advantage of new internet-based platforms to distribute their content.

“Screen Australia -supported projects like The Katering Show and Wolf Creek appearing on iview, Stan and international streaming services are a glimpse into the future,” she said.

Read the full report on the Screen Australia website.