Aussies drive 1,500km a year to get babies to sleep

Bizarre new research has revealed Australian parents drive up to 1,500 kilometres a year, just to get their babies to sleep.

It seems driving is the new lullaby, with parents now relying on car trips to send their children to snooze-ville.

According to new research commissioned by ‘mycar’, around 96 percent of Aussie parents are driving for up to an hour a week, racking up 1,500 kilometres of baby-sleep-time travel a year.


That’s the equivalent of driving from Sydney to Adelaide.

However, the research also indicated that 74 percent of parents put-off going to the mechanic due to the overwhelming costs.

‘mycar’ released the research today, along with a free inspection service for parents called ‘Lullaby Ready’.

It’s designed to provide parents with a recommendation on how to get their cars running as smooth as possible, so that uneven roads and speed bumps don’t interfere with babies trying to sleep.

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