Aussies find world’s oldest fossils

The oldest fossils ever found have been discovered in Greenland by a team of Australian researchers.

The 3.7 billion-year-old discovery could provide insights into early life on Earth, and perhaps even raise the chance of similar life evolving on Mars aeons ago.

University of Wollongong Professor ALLEN NUTMAN hailed it as an amazing find:


“The importance of this discovery is that it shows life actually took a hold on the planet very early on, basically as soon as it was possible,” he said.

“This indicates the Earth was no longer some sort of hell 3.7 billion years ago.

“It was a place where life could flourish.”

The humps, just one to 4cm tall, are fossilised microbes similar to others found in oceans from Australia to Bermuda.

If they are confirmed as fossilised stromatolites they would be even older than those found in Australia and could provide scientists with another avenue of exploring whether Mars once had life.