Aussies lost $30K to puppy scams in a week

Australians are being reminded not to fall for puppy scams, with scamwatch reporting another spike.

Over the last seven days, more than 20 reports were made, with people losing a total of $30,000.

Scamwatch is warning would-be pet buyers that scammers tend to request more money for pet costs after the first payment, which should serve as a red flag.


“After you make an initial payment, scammers request more money for costs such as a crate, vaccines or insurance but the dog doesn’t exist.

They’ve attached an example of a puppy scam email, which is urging the person to pay immediate fees for vaccine and a crate, or risk not being able to get their puppy.

“The delivery of your puppy depends on how quick you react to this mail and make the payment,” the email reads.

Scamwatch is pleading with Australians to ‘only buy or adopt a pet you can meet in person’.

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Well they can track its bank account or if they use PayPal, they will freeze its account.