Aussies more hesitant to get Covid vaccine over side effect concerns

It’s been revealed that an alarming amount of Australians are ‘unlikely’ to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

A new survey from Resolve Strategic and The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald shows that 15 per cent of respondents were ‘not at all likely’ to get the jab, while another 14 per cent responded ‘not very likely’.

That’s compared to 14 per cent who said they would be ‘extremely likely’ to get the jab, 8 per cent responding ‘very likely’, and 13 per cent ‘fairly likely’.


When questioned on the major concerns linked to the vaccine, many said that potential side effects had caused the hesitancy.

This survey differs to previous ones from the same group, which were carried out before the advice on AstraZeneca changed.

It’s now not recommended for people under the age of 50, due to it causing an increased risk of blood clots.

However, it’s still only a very small percentage of people who are affected by it.

The survey results come as the Prime Minister tries to rally state and territory support for a domestic ‘vaccine passport’.

It would allow fully vaccinated Australians to travel anywhere in the country without worrying about having to quarantine on return, even if they’ve been to a Covid hotspot.

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Gay s** causes cancer and blood clotting! 😆🤣😊😀😂

And I don’t want to be one of the small percentage who risk fatal side effects. Many countries have refused AstraZenica and the only reason we are being encouraged to take it is because our useless government bought the wrong one and need to use the stocks up. Now they are trying to woo us with the promise of vaccine passports which are not valid overseas or when we return from overseas. Pay me to have the vaccine with additional insurance if I become ill or die and I just might consider it. Even the Moderna one they are proposing is only useful against the original virus, not the new strains that now abound.

Exactly right, even a doctor I work with said exactly the same thing! ✔️👍