Aussies ousted in Gold Medal Women’s Hockey match

Australia has claimed the Silver Medal in the Women’s Hockey after a tough encounter against New Zealand.

The Kiwis were too strong, battering the Aussies 4-1 in the Gold Medal match at the GC2018 Hockey Centre.

Australia’s Savannah Fitzpatrick said she’s devastated by the result.


“Individually, I had two early chances so I think if I had of put those away that would have changed the game, so that hurts,” she said.

“Silver seems worse than bronze sometimes.”

It’s the first Gold Medal for the Black Sticks, who have only ever won silver and bronze medals at the Commonwealth Games.

But, Fitzpatrick says New Zealand deserved to win their latest clash.

“We weren’t on the same page for a period and that’s when they hurt us,” she said.

“We were trying to work really hard but it was frantic energy, not positive energy.”

The Hockey continues tonight when the Men’s sides from Australia and New Zeland meet for the Gold Medal match.