Aussies raise over $200K overnight for kids to see dying Brisbane dad

A Go Fund Me page has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the four kids of a terminally ill Brisbane man to complete their hotel quarantine, and come to Queensland.

39-year-old Mark Keanes was diagnosed with late stage terminal cancer in his brain in July, with doctors saying he may not make it to Christmas.

He’s in hospital in Brisbane, while his four young kids are in Sydney.


They had applied to Queensland Health for an exemption to come and say goodbye to their dad, which was initially rejected by the Chief Health Officer.

They were then told that just one of the kids could come into the state, provided they did hotel quarantine.

Overnight, Queensland Health changed its tune on the matter, now saying all kids will be able to come through, provided they undergo hotel quarantine.

A Go Fund Me page, which was established overnight, has since raised over $200,000 to pay for the quarantine, as well as transport costs, care, treatment, and eventually funeral costs.

“Lets get these kids across the border and back into their fathers arms before it’s too late,” the page description reads.

It’s understood the Prime Minister even put $1,000 of his own money towards the cause.



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They now meet the QLD Labour government financial status so the CHO should be happy!

I would fly the man down so he could be with his children they said he could fly with a nurse. I think this health doctor and premier should hang there head in shame to say it’s all about money and many people have died this man is not dying from the virus. stay. safe mate we are all thinking of you and your children. God bless

They may struggle getting out now the government knows there’s $200k yet to be spent.
They will come up with some stupid reason to try and get the spend in QLD, that’s what this is all about.

Why didnt you credit Paul Murray from Skynews with starting this initiative.

There is some suggestion that this “father” may not be anywhere near that t**le. He hasn’t had any contact with his children since separating from their mother and even attempted to change his name by deed poll to avoid even paying child support.

Last edited 9 months ago by Glen

Oh my. The journo got hood winked into this story. So where did it come from? Who stood to gain from the tripe we all got fed in this story.
I think this matter is worthy of a CCC investigation after which there may be a couple of vacant parliamentary positions in QLD and Canberra.

This is happening to more families than people know. My 33 yr old son who has end stage melanoma cancer and has been in hospital 3 times in the last 6 weeks. His children have only been able to visit if he sits outside the hospital. He is on a morphine pump and yet they want him to have visits on the foot path?? This disgusting behavior. Where has the common sense in our politics. They can rush through COVID-19 testing on family members and have the results in 24 hrs. This would clear them of the virus and then visiting should be allowed