Aussies raise over $200K overnight for kids to see dying Brisbane dad

A Go Fund Me page has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the four kids of a terminally ill Brisbane man to complete their hotel quarantine, and come to Queensland.

39-year-old Mark Keanes was diagnosed with late stage terminal cancer in his brain in July, with doctors saying he may not make it to Christmas.

He’s in hospital in Brisbane, while his four young kids are in Sydney.


They had applied to Queensland Health for an exemption to come and say goodbye to their dad, which was initially rejected by the Chief Health Officer.

They were then told that just one of the kids could come into the state, provided they did hotel quarantine.

Overnight, Queensland Health changed its tune on the matter, now saying all kids will be able to come through, provided they undergo hotel quarantine.

A Go Fund Me page, which was established overnight, has since raised over $200,000 to pay for the quarantine, as well as transport costs, care, treatment, and eventually funeral costs.

“Lets get these kids across the border and back into their fathers arms before it’s too late,” the page description reads.

It’s understood the Prime Minister even put $1,000 of his own money towards the cause.