Aussies throw support behind struggling Dairy Farmers

A Facebook page supporting Australian dairy farmers is gaining traction, while a petition is also taking off, as more is told about their struggle to stay in business.

Retailers including Coles and Woolworths were urged to increase their prices during the week, after deputy PM Barnaby Joyce met with Victorian farmers affected by drastic price cuts from dairy giants.

Coles agreed to boost the price by 20 cents a litre.


It has also been revealed, dairy co-operative Murray Goulburn, along with competitor Fonterra, have both drastically reduces what they pay farmers for milk solids due to a slump in global prices.

On Friday, the Victorian Government announced that $1.5m in funding would be provided for the state’s dairy farmers in the form of additional counselling, not cash.

The 16-year-old daughter of a dairy farmer has launched a petition calling for a change to the industry which she says is “putting profit before people and leaving thousands of families in the dirt”.

“I am only 16 years old and have grown up on a dairy farm my entire life, but the massive cuts to milk prices have had significant and horrible impact on finances and our lives,” Chole Scott writes on her page which has gained more than 140-thousand signatures.

“Not only have greedy corporates like Fonterra and Murray Goulburn cut the price they will pay us for milk – retrospectively cutting income means farmers will be left hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt!”

“Agricultural Minister Barnaby Joyce must step in to reverse these cuts and commit to a national review of the ridiculous pricing system leaving farmers in debt.”

“There are many more families out there just like mine. So please – let’s all unite and do something before it’s too late.”

A Facebook page titled “Love My Milk” has also taken off, with around 4,200 followers posting photos of dairy products produced by the struggling ‘little guys’.

People are also sharing photos of supermarket fridges that now have an oversupply of their ‘own brand’ milk, while the other brands are selling out as Australians throw their support behind the farmers’ plight.

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Supermarket giants and others involved with processing and distribution of milk/dairy products should pay the farmers more. Why should us..yhe consumer be charged more. We are struggling too. … the giants make billions each yr. Increasing the price to consumers while the giants retain their usual profit…
Shifting the struggle from the farmers to the people. .feeding our families is over a third of our wages….middle class and lower Australians are doing it tough….while the giants decide to increase what we pay so they still retain their usual profit margin. Yeah that makes sense….Im sure leniency on dairy wont send them broke…look at other profit margins on other items… im sure the giants would be fine. Take a profit cut.. become patriotic. ..give the farmers and consumers a break. Pay the farmers more…reduce your profit margins on dairy…
Increasing milk prices. .reduces the amount we purchase… that hurts the farmer again… have a heart… do the right thing…

I only buy A2 and often have to find someone to get me some from out tge back and restock it because they font seem to care when it runs out. Funny how Woolies and Coles brand is always in massive supply