Australia in new free trade talks with UK

The Australian government has entered into negotiations with the United Kingdom over a new free trade deal.

It could mean we send over popular items like Tim Tams and  Vegemite with reduced tarriffs, while we could receive the UK’s ‘Penguins’ and ‘Marmite’ products.

But on a larger scale, trade between the two countries is currently worth around $30 billion, with a fresh deal looking likely before Christmas.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison says it’s in everyone’s interest for it to work.

“It will mean more jobs, more growth, more prosperity in both our countries, and more opportunities for Australian and UK citizens to live and work in each other’s country.

“It will also demonstrate the determination of both our nations to open, not close our markets, in the post-Covid era,” Mr Morrison said.

While the British Prime Minister seems pretty keen to organise a cheaper deal on our Tim Tams, amongst other Aussie goods.

“We send you Marmite, you send us Vegemite, we send you Penguins, and you send us, with reduced tariffs, these wonderful Arnott’s Tim Tams!

“How long can the British people be deprived of the opportunity to have Arnott’s Tim Tams at a reasonable price?” Mr Johnson said.

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