Australia Legendary Kingdom proposed for Gold Coast

Plans are underway for a new, world class theme park to be built in Nerang on the Gold Coast – to be known as The Australia Legendary Kingdom.

The new park was announced by the Chinese-owned Songcheng Performance Development company during a filing to the stock exchange. And while this will be the group’s first theme park in Australia, they’re already well experienced in the industry – owning and operating more than 30 parks across China.

According to The Australian, the Australia Legendary Kingdom theme park will offer “different precincts including ‘Australian Aboriginal Cultural Village’, ‘Wild Australia’, and ‘Mysterious Orient’.


The Australian reports that the first-stage of the park will cost around 2 billion Chinese yuan ($400 million).

City of Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate welcomed the announcement, saying there was definitely room in the local market for a new park.

“There’s room for another three,” he said.

“Back in the day we were the number one choice for theme parks and we’ve got to keep doing that to stay on top.”

He described the proposed development as a quintessential Gold Coast theme park.

“[The Chairman of Songcheng, Qiaoling Huang] said he’s going to focus very heavily on the First People – the Indigenous People,” said Mayor Tate.

“Of course there’ll be Chinese culture because they’re proud of that as well [but] it’ll be more quintessential Gold Coast than anything else.”