Australia Post brings in mass amount of postage price changes

Australia Post has made a string of changes to their postal price structure, with increases and decreases across the board.

The changes to parcel products are about to undergo some of the biggest changes in three decades, following a massive 70 percent decline in profit announced by the company recently.

The price changes have been posted to the Australia Post website, and are due to come into effect on September 30.


We’re being told it’s not all bad news, with not all prices getting an increase.

For example letters sent to New Zealand and the Asia Pacific will rise 20c, but letters sent to the rest of the world will have prices dropped by 10c.

Other notable changes include doing away with over 250 weight and zone defined prices, and introducing just four set parcel sizes with their own flat rate prices.

While some of those flat rates have been increased, the weight limit may have been increased as well – so depending on what you’re sending, it might work out cheaper.

For example a small parcel will be priced 65c more expensive, however it’s weight limit allows for 5kg in the package without changing the cost.

For a full list of updated prices, click here.