Australia Post complaints top 1 million per year

I am officially joining the list of one million Australians who have a serious bone to pick with Australia Post.

I try to be a positive person, I really do. I’m the first to give people and organisations the benefit of the doubt. But my recent experience with Australia Post has sent me into a bit of a rage spiral.

In their defence, they’re giving the concept of customer service a red hot go. They texted me to tell me my parcel had been dispatched. The texted me again to let me know to “expect delivery tomorrow”.


At this point I was given 3 options:

1. Leave at your address if there’s a safe place.
2. Someone will be home.
3. Take to Post Office if not home.

I chose number 1. I was also home when delivery occurred, giving me a massive chance of receiving my delivery – right? Wrong!

I made the sinful error of keeping my gate closed. There is a doorbell installed for such occasions, so I remained confident in my assessment that my delivery would soon be in my hot little hands.

Instead, the Australia Post delivery driver did not ring the bell.

Did not pop my parcel behind my waist-high fence.

Did not leave the parcel behind as instructed.

Did not deliver my parcel to me, despite me being at home at the time.

Instead, I got an annoying ticket in my mailbox asking me to drive 15 minutes to the allocated post office to collect my parcel.

Heads up Australia Post: if I wanted to drive to a retail outlet to collect my purchase, I would have bought them in a shop in the first place! I have children to ferry to and from school, activities to drop them to, playdates to attend, and in between all of that, I run a business and have a job. The added errand of popping into the post office unnecessarily is one I don’t need.

I can now understand why more than one million people every year lodge a complaint with the company.

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No one seems to understand how much s*** the drivers have to go through, firstly minimal wage, people who complain I suggest you try working for Aus Post for one day and see how you go. It’s $1.50 per parcel, average 150 will take 6-8 hours to deliver, you don’t get paid to sort and stack your van each morning 5am starts which is 2-3 hours for free, then to get out there and come across the rudest people is just in my experience was the worst ever your quite vulnerable by yourself no manager to back you up on site. Dogs attacking you, verbal abuse, no access, if you have a break your out there longer, no toilet, the safe procedures you have to follow by Aus post if it says you need a signature you can not leave any parcel. So do them a favour and appreciate the work they do which they get little money for. Aus Post should be held accountable for unpaying staff for many years. Someone’s rich at the top cause it ain’t the posties.

I agree.. Pay em more..

Maybe you could leave the gate open if you’re expecting a delivery or put up a notice at the gate.

May have a solution for you. We have a secure parcel letterbox at home, which our Auspost and StarTrack drivers use and seem to love for Safedropping. It takes about 80% of the parcels we order and saves us hundreds of dollars in time we used to waste picking up parcels at the post office. The trick is to give Authority To Leave when you order on line.

Perhaps (coming from an ex Star Track delivery guy) ask Auspost to raise the compensation per parcel and not to overload the contractors, sometimes I had that many (250+) to be done between 0730 and 1600 that I would not have any breaks and started at 0700 and would finish after 1800. This would mean I had to be at depot around 0430 in the morning and as we have to turn the van off and lock for every parcel, the avg delivery time per parcel is about 7 minutes. This includes parking etc in high traffic density areas. Now think of the fact that per parcel you get 87 cents before tax .. maybe people should pull their heads in before having a go at the drivers and how ‘slack’ we are

I think you should try and look at it from the other side and figure out what you can do so it doesn’t happen again. There is always a solution. There is no need to point blam especially if you haven’t done your part also.

Parcel drivers and postie come in contact with customers everyday for the most part of their job, not to mention ( drivers not seeing them on the road, dog attacks, verbal abuse, deliver rain hail or shine, pedestrians, gatted houses, confusing instructions given on parcels, rules and regulations they have to stick by) and yes I’m not saying all parcel drivers and postie are angels but they try and do their best with what they are given.

Ask yourself this: if the postie had left the item over your waist high fence and it got stolen bescause you asked it to be left there, (because Due to parcel and posties discrecsion This was not a safe spot but you asked for it) what would you have done then? Would you have said oh well my fault I asked for it to be left I’ll just order another one………hell no you would have complained that it was left in an unsecured location and that you want it replaced.!!!

So by taking it to the post office to collect, yes you have to drive 15 min, but you still have your item. It wasn’t damaged buy the weather, it wasn’t stolen, it wasn’t left in an unsecured location, it was safe waiting for you in the post office to collect.

There are a few things you can do so this doesn’t happen again and the first being your letterbox, like one of the other comments there is a parcel box you can purchase it’s like $230 bucks or something ( and you can look for it online so you don’t have to leave the house and they will deliver) and this letterbox will solve 90% of your issues.

2nd: Leave clear instructions on your items when purchasing them online sometimes companies won’t allow authority to leave because they want conformation you have signed for it and it’s been delivered ( this is not parcel driver or posties fault) in the comment box when buying just write authority to leave.

3rd: leave your gate open.

I hope this clears things up for you just a little because they are only trying to do their job.

All the defenders of drivers and posties because they’re all so hard done by; give me a break. No one forces any of these people to deliver packages and there’s varying levels of s*** copped by ALL who work in some form of service.
If drivers are so undernourished due to the amount of parcels they have to deliver, then hand the job over to someone else. Maybe if there wasn’t so much footage of drivers handling packages like footballs or bags of laundry then there might not be so much societal backlash over an industry that’s long overdue for a major revamp.
“oh I don’t get paid for sorting my van”, ffs, there’s barely a role these days that doesn’t have an amount of unpaid tasks despite their necessity. I’d love to turn up to my job at the official start time and down tools on the full time hooter, but it doesn’t happen that way.
Australia Post is rotten company that doesn’t care about it’s customers or it’s employees and it’s been that way for years. This is what happens when you have a monopoly struggling as it plays catch-up with changing methods.
I have no gate at my property, no dogs, no tar pits or quicksand to negotiate, yet many drivers still can’t be stuffed walking up the 4 steps to leave a package at my door, yet so often I’ve been alerted by a delivery as my parcel is thrown from a distance and lands with a thud against the door or wall. By the time I get out there, this b****** is back in his van and driving off. According to previous replies, I’m to blame for the ineptitude of a hard-done-by employee. seriously? So how many forms do I need to fill out if my item is damaged? How long is this going to take and why am I never updated on all this “investigation” I’m assured will take place?
If Australia Post has a bad reputation then maybe there’s an in-house reason.

Another first world problem. If you got time to winch online, you got time to pick up a parcel at the PO. I sell online and have issues with Auspost on a weekly basis…but I always factor in how overworked those drivers are…not to mention the low cost of parcels

You have coped too much criticism here. But you did chose Option 1. Leave in safe place. The postie didn’t think over the gate was safe. Should have chose Option 2. Someone will be home.
BUT you did make the point that there’s a door bell at the gate. Seeing that driver had to spent time filling out the card, you’d think he would have pressed the bell. It takes 1 second. And because of the bell, you shouldn’t have to leave you gate open.
Someone said, “If you have time to winge on-line, you have time to drive to the post office.” Stupid comment. You were probably on-line NOT when P.O. is open.
Drivers not getting breaks… well at least they’re sitting while driving and they can eat food from their lap.