Australia Post complaints top 1 million per year

I am officially joining the list of one million Australians who have a serious bone to pick with Australia Post.

I try to be a positive person, I really do. I’m the first to give people and organisations the benefit of the doubt. But my recent experience with Australia Post has sent me into a bit of a rage spiral.

In their defence, they’re giving the concept of customer service a red hot go. They texted me to tell me my parcel had been dispatched. The texted me again to let me know to “expect delivery tomorrow”.


At this point I was given 3 options:

1. Leave at your address if there’s a safe place.
2. Someone will be home.
3. Take to Post Office if not home.

I chose number 1. I was also home when delivery occurred, giving me a massive chance of receiving my delivery – right? Wrong!

I made the sinful error of keeping my gate closed. There is a doorbell installed for such occasions, so I remained confident in my assessment that my delivery would soon be in my hot little hands.

Instead, the Australia Post delivery driver did not ring the bell.

Did not pop my parcel behind my waist-high fence.

Did not leave the parcel behind as instructed.

Did not deliver my parcel to me, despite me being at home at the time.

Instead, I got an annoying ticket in my mailbox asking me to drive 15 minutes to the allocated post office to collect my parcel.

Heads up Australia Post: if I wanted to drive to a retail outlet to collect my purchase, I would have bought them in a shop in the first place! I have children to ferry to and from school, activities to drop them to, playdates to attend, and in between all of that, I run a business and have a job. The added errand of popping into the post office unnecessarily is one I don’t need.

I can now understand why more than one million people every year lodge a complaint with the company.