Australia raises terror threat level to high

THE Australian Federal Government has this afternoon raised its country’s terrorism alert level from medium to high for the time in history, meaning a ‘terrorist attack is likely’ according to the National Security website.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott addressed the nation around 2pm, stating the threat level was raised based on an “accumulation of indicators”.

Although the Mr Abbott said the government had no specific intelligence of any current terror plots, he added that there were people with intent and the capability to mount attacks on Australia.


He stressed that the rise in the threat level would not make any difference to daily life, but noticeable changes would include a larger security presence at airports and large events.

“I want to stress that, for the vast majority of Australians, the rise in the threat level from medium to high will not make any difference to daily life,” Mr Abbott said.

“What people will probably notice though, is more security at airports, more security at ports, more security at military bases, more security at government buildings, and more security at large public events.”

Acting Australian Federal Police commissioner Andrew Colvin said; “The message that we wish to pass on this afternoon is a simple one. We want people to be more aware, but we also want them to be reassured.”

The public has been asked to report anything “out of the ordinary” to the National Security hotline: 1800 123 400. 

A modest public awareness campaign is expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

The four terrorism alert levels include:

  • LOW — A terrorist attack is not expected.
  • MEDIUM — A terrorist attack could occur.
  • HIGH — A terrorist attack is likely.
  • EXTREME — A terrorist attack is imminent or has occurred. and 102.9fm Hot Tomato will provide developments throughout the afternoon.