Australia records another COVID-19 death as Vic cases climb

A man in Victoria has died from coronavirus, the country’s second death this weekend.

The man in his 70’s passed away overnight, taking the state’s death toll to 24 and the nation’s toll to 108.

“We send our best wishes and assure that family that our thoughts and prayers are with them. This will be a very, very difficult time for them,” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said on Sunday.


It comes just one day after a man in his 90s also passed away from the virus in Victoria.

The state has recorded another 273 new cases today, with almost 1500 cases now active.

Of those, 57 people are in hospital, with 16 in intensive care.

More than 30,000 people were tested for the virus on Saturday, with Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton revealing mass testing has revealed more instances of child to child transmission.

“Child to child transmission has become more apparent as we have tested more kids,” Professor Sutton told reporters.

“It is still not a significant risk, but some of the earlier evidence was clearly biased by the fact that kids have mild symptoms and they were not being tested.

“We have done much more extensive testing, we have found there are probably more kids that get infected, not necessarily propagating an outbreak, but certainly kids are getting infected when you have a high community levels of transmission.”

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