Australia secures 25 million doses of Moderna vaccine

Good news for Australia’s vaccine rollout, with the government securing a new big batch of doses.

The US drugmaker Moderna has agreed to supply 10 million doses to Australia this year, along with 15 million booster shots in 2022.

The pharmaceutical giant will now have to apply to Australia’s medicines regulator to get the proper approvals for its jab before it can be rolled out.


It’s understood the Australian government is also working on a deal to establish local manufacturing options so that we’re not reliant on international shipments.

Initially, we’d put our faith in Pfizer and AstraZeneca, with the AstraZeneca formula to be made locally.

However, the AstraZeneca vaccine is now only recommended for people over 50, and we have to rely on overseas shipments for Pfizer.

It’s not clear how long it will take Australia’s regulators to approve the Moderna jab.

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What an absolute botch up this governnment has made over the procurement of vaccines. Yet no one is being held accountable. No way will I have the AstraZennica just to help use the stocks up. If it’s not safe for anyone under 50, it’s not safe for those over 50 no matter what they tell us. The over 50’s are not 2nd class citizens to be used for the government’s mistakes. Oh yippee. They are now using the spin doctor technique to tell us we will be getting the Moderna vaccine. Bet that won’t be happening within their time frame either.

Deke totally agree with everything you say, no way will I get astrazennaca either. They would love to get rid of all us oldies one way or the other! This government could run a chook raffle in a pub properly!