Australia secures additional 4 million Pfizer doses in UK swap deal

The Prime Minister has declared Australia has “4 million reasons to be hopeful today” after the Federal Government managed to secure an additional four million COVID-19 jabs in a significant Pfizer swap deal with the United Kingdom.

The vaccines are due to arrive down under this month, with the plane on the tarmac right now ready to take off with the first batch tomorrow.

“Those doses will be coming over the course of the next few weeks, which will see us double the Pfizer doses that we have during September,” Scott Morrison said.


“This means from Downing Street to down under, we are doubling down on what the Pfizer doses are here in Australia this month.”

The Prime Minister said the deal will enable the country to “bring forward significantly the opportunity for Australia to open up again under the national plan”.

“The bring forward of these doses I think should be a great cause for hope right around the country,” Mr Morrison said.

It’s understood the doses will be distributed across the states and territories on a per capita basis.

“Whether it is at the GP clinics, with the GPs, or in the state-based hubs, they will be able to move forward and see these doses get into arms and get Australians back to where we want to be, living with this virus, as soon as we possibly can.”

Mr Morrison thanked UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for agreeing to send the extra doses down under.

“I want to thank Mr Johnson for his personal commitment to this and his great friendship with Australia,” he said.

“There’s been some very late-night discussions and negotiations and legal work taking place, especially over the course of the past week, to bring this to conclusion, but it has been a real commitment to Australia from Prime Minister Johnson.

“It’s just a good deal and it’s a good deal between mates,” Mr Morrison added.

“It’s a good deal that has been secured because of the very strong relationship that exists, obviously at a prime ministerial level but obviously also at a ministerial level as well and there is very strong support of the relationship with Australia and the United Kingdom.

“It works for both of us and it means we can double down on what our Pfizer capacity is this month, which brings forward the program, which is great news of hope for people right around the country.”

The securement comes after Australia struck a deal with Singapore earlier this week, which will see an additional 500,000 Pfizer doses arrive here next month.

In return, Australia will send 500,000 doses to Singapore in December.