AUSTRALIA SHUT DOWN: PM orders pubs, restaurants, churches, gyms to close

Australia will go into a partial lockdown in a bid to limit the spread of coronavirus with pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes forced to close.

The drastic new measures come following a meeting of the National Cabinet on Sunday night.

The new rules will come into effect from midday on Monday and will also include nightclubs, cinemas, gyms, places of worship and indoor sporting venues.


Restaurants and cafes will be restricted to takeaway and delivery only while shopping centres will remain open and bottle shops will be allowed to continue trading.

Schools will remain open until the end of term one, however parents will be given a choice about whether they let their kids attend class.

Victoria has brought forward the start of school holidays with schools across that state to close from Tuesday.

The tough new rules come after Australians continued to ignore social distancing rules.

“What I am seeking and all the Premiers and Chief Ministers are seeking is that Australians need to do better than they have been,” Mr Morrison said.

“We now need to take action because we can’t have the confidence as a group that the social distancing guidelines and rules we’ve put in place won’t be followed to the level of compliance that we require to flatten the curve and slow the spread and to save lives.”

Mr Morrison says these new measures are just ‘stage one’ of the response and will be reviewed monthly.

But he warned Australians to expect them to be in place for six months.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to get the impression that these arrangements will be in place for a couple of weeks or a month and they’ll be discarded and everything will be ok.

“This should highlight to all Australians how serious this is and how we have to work together to get this right.”

Schools to stay open 

The Prime Minister has resisted calls for a blanket closure of schools across the country.

“Children should go to school tomorrow, there is no change to the medical expert advice,” Mr Morrison said.

“I don’t want to see our children miss an entire year of education, that’s what we’re talking about here.

“Where there’s health advice which says you can get to school and you can get taught, then it’s important we do that for as long as possible, except where health circumstances will change that arrangement.”

Parents will be given the option to keep their kids out of school for the remainder of this term, but schools will remain open.

Schools will also enhance remote learning opportunities for students but parents are warned that may take some time.

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There will be lots more unemployed workers, alot that prob cant get govt help and will end up homeless then getting the virus and of cycle continues covid 19 spreads more.

Bit dramatic.


I’m one of them, I’m a casual construction employee living in a motel, I have been told to have two weeks off ( which may end up being longer) and if I can’t get $420 by Friday to pay the rent I will be homeless

I really think there will be something u can do.You just need to look into it and maybe go to centrelink.I really don’t think u will be homeless

Keep ur bra on luv

Not really

He didn’t say gyms. He said indoor sporting venues.

He did.

So he skipped gyms during the press conference that was then repeated on the late news. That’s annoying!

Yes it includes gyms, goggle it .

Yes. Gyms are on the list too

Um yeah he did say gyms, sorry.

He said gyms would hope not

Read it again. The headline even says Gyms ?

It actually says it!

What about 1 on 1 personal training session….are they band?

Did you get an answer to your question?

I’ve been wondering the same thing.
I run a PT studio from my garage; so no idea where I stand.

Nadia, I run a studio and consulting room for Nutrition. For Nutrition, I can stay open, but not sure if we can train people – inside. What about outside? do you know?


Is that rubber band?

Only if they’re bad singers.


This s*** just got real.., and yes it includes gyms.., a perfect incubation environment..,

The government rules to delay the spread of Covid19 are about to cripple our economy. Financial “help” from government is almost certainly going to be paid for by printing more money and lead to massive inflation. The retirement funds of surviving seniors will provide money by devaluation of savings. And to no good effect.
There are 2 basic scenarios: 1).The spread will be limited by successful quarantine, leaving a large unaffected population ready to be infected by the next case that crops up from interstate or overseas and we will be back at square one.
Or. 2) A widespread epidemic which will overwhelm the health system and result in a death toll in the over 65 population of some 7%. Deaths are not easy to accept, but nor is the impending destruction of society as we know it in a fruitless attempt to beat a virus that we cannot at present deal with. Better to bite the bullet and let the economy and society survive for next time. And may I add that I belong to the 65+ group and am in a sense volunteering to risk the consequences.

Does this mean gyms will not be able to take payments from your account based of no lock in contract & we pay in advance?

I watched the prime minister’s announcement and gyms was not mentioned

Very good decisions. Should be introduced 2 weeks early.

Watch as suicide rates hit an all time high… Great work scomo ?

Wouldn’t go quite that far Bill. We have been thru 2 world wars,aids,stars,emboli and have overcome that.Please don’t go putting ideas into people’s heads.Maybe u need some help. I have a mental condition and am thinking positive. Go get a pony.

Not very bright are you?

Have you got a better solution Bill

Panic buying will be inforce now supermarkets will hsve no stock now n we thoughtvit was bad now its guna get worse ??? thought aussies were better than this

If the airlines won’t refund our money then of what benefit to us is the stimulus package. That money only helps to recoup our looses. It’s in this climate that airlines should be compelled to refund our money especially to the elderly pensioners. Have a heart airlines.

What about visa holders who won’t get help off the government?

So where are my truck drivers suppose to get their meals from? What is the plan for them. If we stop Lord help us.

Why t gyms being closed? Surely it’s imimportant 4 people 2 keep the elves fit & well during this crisis. A minority of selfish people by ignoring the rules r causing hundreds if not thousands of people 2 lose their jobs

Same reason as everything else is being closed. I really am not interested in the gym rite now.Go for a walk every day.Same thing

See my below comment / may not be closing after this 48 lock down. Bloody hope not!

Hey, a heavy handed response to the fires & the climate emergency would go over well also!

A ‘heavy handed response to the fires would and should have been burning away the fuel load as recommended after the 2009 fires but stupid green policies have prevented this from happening. Now tell me about climate change… er, global warming.

What about those take-away in shopping Centre’s that have a common seating area. I know a group of restaurants with both indoor and common outdoor seating that offer takeaway
How do these venues fair?

Good work Mr. Morris on. It is better to bite the bullet now than seeing everyone of us going into panic mode later, and sparodic riots start developing over rushing for essentials. Further, we may still have potential bushfire to contend with in case. Thumbs up!

Scott Morrison is doing a great job..but what about the warehouses in Melbourne full of groceries bound for CHINA .. STOP THIS NOW

Are gyms closing after this 48 hour lock down or not? The PM said gyms are ok to stay open yesterday if they adhere to social distancing and high hygiene regime – and the Premiers saying not ok today. I understand group classes ceasing but individual weight training seems way over the top ridiculous if gyms can prove they have enough room for social distancing and cleaners around the clock as mine does.

Will garages be allowed to open for car repairs and maintenance during the crisis?

Will the crime rate go down with all pubs and clubs closed down

It will probably go up if history is anything to go by – see Al Capone and prohibition for proof.

The question was will garages be allowed to open, service stations are allowed to open, does this include garages for
Essential repairs etc?

Looks like anything that is deemed essential will be allowed to operate.

On a positive note at least I have a reason not to go to the gym now.

Outdoor seating at cafes that offer takeaway, is this still allowed or do we have to take those seats away too?

Look for the positives. Better hygiene practices enforced. Better organised shopping needs basis. The one up above God/s has put the brakes on all society’s around world. Let’s have and hope good positive outcomes as children of life

Lord have mercy on our souls