Australia to adopt America’s relaxed gun laws?

There are many things about America that we can admire: their spectacular cities, their exciting entertainment industry, and their incredible natural attractions.

One aspect of the American culture that most of us don’t understand, however, is their obsession with guns.

So why is there a faction within Australia that is trying to relax our gun laws, so they’re more in line with the U.S.?


The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia’s (SIFA) has launched a new ad campaign during the Victorian state election. The ad doesn’t overtly advocate for a relaxing of gun laws – that would be too obvious and most Aussies wouldn’t get behind it.

Instead, the campaign is a massive dig at Labor, which favours tighter gun control. If Labor is ousted (the current premier of Victoria is the ALP’s Daniel Andrews), then it could pave the way for the group to have gun laws in Australia relaxed.

Officially, SIFA claims, they only want to “simplify” gun laws down under.

But make no mistakes about it. The group, which is partly funded by the Beretta family – who are prolific manufacturers of guns and pistols – wants to weaken gun laws so they can sell more guns and make more profits. It’s as simple as that.

Political and policy consultant Terry Barnes warns that any changes we make to current gun legislation could have dire consequences.

“As a nation, we should never forget the 1996 Port Arthur massacre when Martin Bryant gunned down 35 people, injuring 23 others or when Julian Knight went berserk on a Melbourne street in 1987, shooting dead 7 people and injuring a further 19,” he says.

“As a senior government adviser in the Howard era, I saw first-hand the effort it took to reform the country’s gun laws – a defining moment in Australia’s history – which today, ensures our streets are some of the safest in the world.”

Any move towards relaxing gun laws in this country would be a grave mistake. As Terry says: “We only need to look at America’s shocking and continuing record of prevalent gun violence to see where relaxing our own gun laws may take us.”