Australia to adopt America’s relaxed gun laws?

There are many things about America that we can admire: their spectacular cities, their exciting entertainment industry, and their incredible natural attractions.

One aspect of the American culture that most of us don’t understand, however, is their obsession with guns.

So why is there a faction within Australia that is trying to relax our gun laws, so they’re more in line with the U.S.?


The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia’s (SIFA) has launched a new ad campaign during the Victorian state election. The ad doesn’t overtly advocate for a relaxing of gun laws – that would be too obvious and most Aussies wouldn’t get behind it.

Instead, the campaign is a massive dig at Labor, which favours tighter gun control. If Labor is ousted (the current premier of Victoria is the ALP’s Daniel Andrews), then it could pave the way for the group to have gun laws in Australia relaxed.

Officially, SIFA claims, they only want to “simplify” gun laws down under.

But make no mistakes about it. The group, which is partly funded by the Beretta family – who are prolific manufacturers of guns and pistols – wants to weaken gun laws so they can sell more guns and make more profits. It’s as simple as that.

Political and policy consultant Terry Barnes warns that any changes we make to current gun legislation could have dire consequences.

“As a nation, we should never forget the 1996 Port Arthur massacre when Martin Bryant gunned down 35 people, injuring 23 others or when Julian Knight went berserk on a Melbourne street in 1987, shooting dead 7 people and injuring a further 19,” he says.

“As a senior government adviser in the Howard era, I saw first-hand the effort it took to reform the country’s gun laws – a defining moment in Australia’s history – which today, ensures our streets are some of the safest in the world.”

Any move towards relaxing gun laws in this country would be a grave mistake. As Terry says: “We only need to look at America’s shocking and continuing record of prevalent gun violence to see where relaxing our own gun laws may take us.”

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So the act of a mad man defines a nations laws forever?

It’s what the progs use to stoke emotional irrationality, manipulating the voters to gain more centralized control.

The culture there is very different than here in the U.S. I do not think that changes in your gun-laws have had as much effect as you think. There have been as many mass killings( and more victims ) in the 20 years after Port Arthur massacre as in the prior 20 and yes some were shot. Though you would have a hard time convincing me that being burned to death is preferable.

Yep. It’s like Archie Bunker said to Gloria re: gun-related suicides – “Well little girl, would’ja rather they jumped outta windas?”


Nonsense. What “The Land Dewn Undah” has done is to sacrifice the personal security of the population at large because of the acts of one madman.

Not very smart, Mate.

“Streets are safest in the world”? You only have to look at Melbourne last week where a Jihadist tried to set of a bomb and knifed three people, one of them fatally. Or the the guy who killed six people with a car. Or the Cairns mother who killed seven children with a knife. And why draw parallels to America? Why not New Zealand? New Zealand has much more relaxed gun laws yet no mass shootings since 1997 (or knifings or car murders) over there. Perhaps we should look at the people and not the tools.

Perhaps y’all shouldn’t be s’guddam statist/socialist.

A rubbish article, full of emotive lies and distortions, relating to both “lax US gun laws” and the true situation here in Australia. Firstly, many of USA’s States and Cities have some of the toughest gun restrictions in the world! Cities such as Chicago, Baltimore and Washington D.C. have competed banned firearms. It is those places where gun crime is highest! Driven by drugs, racial problems and poverty, people are murdered daily and police seem powerless to control it. Guess what! Criminals don’t obey laws, especially “tough gun laws”. In many US States, murder with a gun is punishable by lethal injection. How’s that for “tough gun laws”? In Australia, after the 1996 gun bans, murder actually went up (AIC figures: up 20% in one year, 15% in another) and serious assaults went up by 5 times the population increase! The community and politicians reaction to this upsurge in major crime, was to increase the number of police (carrying handguns), security guards were employed at our shopping centres and at other places where people gather (yes, more handguns), they put more offenders in jail (and built more jails) and people avoided street crime by staying at home (large screen TV sales boomed), they installed CCTVs and other security systems at their homes and businesses. If they did venture out, their mobile phones were at the ready, to caller help. When help did arrive, the para-medics were better equiped to save lives, which in earlier years may have become murders.
Australia’s gun bans did not result in a single life being saved; the community reaction and other technology probably saved thousands of lives.
Oh and mass murders increased, by fire, knife, hammer and other lethal weapons.
The current discussion should be centred around how we can learn from other Countries, such as Canada, New Zealand and Switzerland, all of which have “relaxed” gun laws, without any serious crime problems and not the massive waste of police resources and taxpayers dollars.

Make no mistake …. uh huh, so we get to read your biassed and cherry picked “facts” that are directed at discriminating against honest and law abiding citizens.
Try some research, and at least a level playing field.
I am NOT a criminal. Leave me alone.

Any assertion that weakening gun laws to increase gun sales is the aim of the game seems absurd considering there are more legal guns owned now than before 1996 with current restrictions in place, LFAO would just have a greater choice when shopping for the gun they were always going to purchase.

It’s not a problem in New Zealand where semiautomatic long guns fall into the same catagory as bolt action and they have a lower homicide rate by gun than Australia and nearly twice as many guns per hundred people compared to Australia.

Maybe automatic cars should be restricted because people are likely to play with their phones instead of changing gears in a manual.

Same reasoning.

Maybe a question we should be asking is why dont the Aust govt’s trust their own citizens…are Aussies any less loyal, trustworthy , disciplined , honest than NZ citizens….Why are NZ’ers allowed to buy Semi auto rifles, pump shotguns, silencers,including AR15, AK 47, Barrett 50 cal on a basic licence, no wait for Permit to acquire, just pay your money, show your licence and walk out the door, perhaps our pollies should give that a bit of thought….

Nobody wants “US” guns laws – there are as many variations as there are states over there . The New Zealand model would suit us just fine. They have the balance right, and have no problem with school, gang or mass shootings.

Americans are not obsessed with guns, they know about them and understand them and what they mean to society. The only people with the “obsession” about firearms are the gun grabbers. This is an excellent example of how twisted the gun grabbers are, incapable of stringing together the simplest sentence without lying. Streets where you may not defend yourself are not safe for anyone but criminals. Gun grabbers are worse than the murderers, rapists and all the rest of the filth they protect and enable.

What a beat up. At worst, SIFA is attempting to get the glaring anomalies in the 1996 NFA corrected as they serve no useful purpose, and simply add to the confusion and cost of administering the voluntary agreement.

Yes America does have a gun culture, it’s expected, their history basically from day revolves around guns. Within their own country they had a war of independence , a civil war , basically war with the first America as european push west west wards and of cause Pearl Harbour, they whole history has revolved around firearms, it’s part of their culture. Unlike Australia our history while sometimes not all that great has never revolved around firearms other than a need to protect ourselves from foreign invaders or doing our duty for Queen and country overseas, we simply have hunting culture from the first Australian through to today. Now while certain groups and individuals will try to create a firearm culture from lies and propaganda to serve a evil agenda, it will never come to pass.

No one is trying to water down the gun laws all shooters want are common sense laws and not knee j*** reactions . When are the left going to stop flogging this dead horse and start reporting the facts instead of going for the emotional response. Even with all this talk about our idiotic gun laws not once have I seen mentioned the fact that our government wants to increase arms manufacturing here in Australia to become more compedative in the world market. But guns are bad aren’t they. Bloody hypocrites

I wanted to give everyone an example, Just to let everyone know the big difference on how so many South Australian laws has taken hold & control so deeply in the lives of us South Aussies.

It came to my suprise, my fiancee who lives in Tennessee, was pulled over by police the other night. He had no drivers licence & he had a loaded gun in in the glove box (he has no gun licence).
The cop asked if he had any drugs or weapons in the car, my fiancee replied, only his loaded handgun in the glove box.
The cop said “well as long as your not gonna reach for it & use it on me, then its all ok”. (Tennesse laws allows you to keep a loaded weapon in your vehicle & your home, regardless if you a gun licence or not. You can use the gun if someone enters your car or home without your permission).
Then the cop says; “And because you have no drivers licence, I recommend you call someone to come here & drive your car for you”.
And that was it, WOW! No fuss. My fiancee was able to go home & enjoy the rest of his night.

NOW, If my fiancee was here in South Australia & the exact same thing happened here,
For the minor “offence”; driving without a licence, you would have to go to court & get a massive fine, would be over $1000,
The car could be impounded for a month, that’s another $1000 to get out of impound.
For carrying a loaded gun in the car (with a bullet in the chamber aswel); . . . . . .
☆Your GOING TO JAIL for atleast 2 yrs cos that’s how long the courts drag it out for regardless of any circumstance or outcomes.

What a huge difference between going thru 2 or more yrs of nightmares or simply going home & enjoying the rest of your night!!

South Australia no person without a gun licence is allowed to have a gun in their possession, nor a tazer or even plastic knuckle dusters, nothing!
A person can get done for weapons if your driving around with a baseball bat in your car without a baseball. . . . Pathetic isnt it?

Anti gun laws still havnt stopped killings.
In 2007 My boyfriend died after being stabbed 17 times, my son & I faught the attacker off.
I have been home invaded twice, the last time I was s**ually assaulted.
In all those cases if I had my own gun, those incodences would have been avoided or if the perpetrators had known I owned a gun, I incodences probably wouldnt have happened at all.

Australia has had a long history of firearms use right back from our days as pioneers. Australians have historically well known as great shooters as it was an essential part of day to day living – and it still is for many.