Photographers capture Blood Moon spectacle

A TOTAL lunar eclipse and breathtaking blood red moon had Australian stargazers staring at the sky for hours on Wednesday night.

Increasing cloud made it difficult for many to see on the Gold Coast, but for those who could see it, it was a spectacular sight.

A number of local photographers were lucky enough to get a break in the clouds and capture the glowing sphere for themselves.


It was the second total lunar eclipse of the year, and as apposed to the last eclipse in April where it occurred just after sunset and low on the horizon, this one was scheduled for prime time.

The moon was high in the sky during totality which allowed families to watch on from their suburban yards.

The entire spectacle lasted a little over three hours.

Check out the best shots from the Gold Coast below! 

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MOON - 1

PICTURE: Christina Jeannin – northern Gold Coast.

Moon - Jason

PICTURE: Jason – Helensvale.

MOON - Zeana Cheng

PICTURE: Zeana Cheng – Arundel.

MOON - John Hyland - Southport

PICTURE: John Hyland – Southport.