Australia to try and lure Kiwis over the ditch to fill up regional jobs

Young kiwis are being targeted, in a new campaign to try and lure more workers to regional areas of Australia.

Tourism Australia’s ‘Big Overseas Experience’ campaign teases the prospect of a worker-traveller adventure to those over the ditch, in the hopes of filling some 300,000 jobs around the country that are usually filled by travellers.

With international borders still closed to the rest of the world, New Zealand is Australia’s only option for worker-travellers. Unless Australians get out in the regions themselves.


Plus, international workers are worth around $3.2 billion to the Australian economy in tourism spending as well.

Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham says it’s a win-win to try and reignite the worker-holiday experience where we can.

“The necessary closure of our international borders has been critical in the fight against COVID-19, however it has meant that industries that are usually reliant on seasonal workers or working holiday makers are struggling to fill thousands of jobs,” Minister Birmingham said.

“Whilst our priority is always getting Australians to fill jobs, the reality is that many businesses within our agricultural, tourism and hospitality sectors are still battling to find enough workers.

“This campaign aims to encourage young Kiwi’s to take a working holiday in Australia this summer, which will not only provide a tourism boost but also help fill some of the current workforce shortages that some businesses are facing, particularly those across regional areas or in our popular tourism destinations.

“We want young New Zealanders to cross the ditch, have a cracking time exploring our incredible country, earn some cash, spend that cash, and support our farmers or tourism operators at the same time,” he said.

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud says there’s certainly some options when it comes to work.

“There are plenty of agricultural jobs just ripe for the picking in regional and rural Australia this year, and our farmers will be forever grateful for the helping hand from across the Tasman.

“In the bush our Kiwi cousins have a reputation for being fun loving and hardworking and we will welcome them to come and enjoy our country hospitality, have a go and make a quid as well,” he said.