Australia will not be forced to choose sides between China and US

Australia’s Prime Minister has declared the nation won’t be forced into choosing between China and the United States.

As tensions between to two global superpowers continue to grow, Australia is hoping to remain neutral while also prioritising our national interest as a smaller country.

However, between our trade relationship with China and our military alliance with the US, our national interest dealings have been scrutinised as ‘picking sides’ between the two superpowers.


Our relationship with China in particular has slowly deteriorated this year, with China putting trade sanctions on our exports of our barley, wine and coal.

Beijing has also criticised our Federal Government of blocking Chinese investment and accusing them of foreign interference.

Scott Morrison spoke to the British Policy Exchange while in quarantine, saying our biggest challenge of the future is dealing with the two biggest superpowers being at odds.

He’s urged both China and the US to allow smaller nations more wiggle room when it comes to strategic alliances.

“Our actions are wrongly seem and interpreted by some, only through the lens of the strategic competition between China and the United States.

“It’s as if Australia does not have its own unique interest or its own views as an independent sovereign state.

“This is just false. Stark choices are in no one’s interests,” the Prime Minister said.