Australian academic released from Iran jail after two years

Australian academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert has finally been released from prison in Iran, after more than two years.

It’s understood she was released under a prisoner swap deal, which saw the release of three Iranian men in other countries.

Doctor Moore-Gilbert, a lecturer on Middle Eastern Studies, was arrested in Tehran back in September 2018, where she was charged with espionage and sentenced to ten years prison.


Overnight, it was confirmed that the Australian government’s push to get her released had become successful and she was able to come home.

Doctor Moore-Gilbert and the Australian government have consistently denied the charge, and says she still has friendly intentions with the country in a statement released a short time ago.

“I have nothing but respect, love and admiration for the great nation of Iran and its warm-hearted, generous and brave people,” the statement reads.

“It is with bittersweet feelings that I depart your country, despite the injustices which I have been subjected to.

“I came to Iran as a friend and with friendly intentions, and depart Iran with those sentiments not only still intact, but strengthened.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told Nine it is great news that she’s finally free, and on her way home.

“Thrilled and relieved, prayers answered and amazing work done by our consular teams and officials to secure Kylie Moore-Gilbert’s release.

“She’s coming home, got the confirmation last night, and was able to speak to her this morning.

“She’s obviously thrilled but still processing what has been a horrible ordeal, she’d been sentenced to 10 years in this prison, a conviction that we always completely rejected.

“She was detained around the time that I became Prime Minister, so this has been an enduring and high priority case for us for many years,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.