Police raid entire Australian town with strong cannabis culture


PICTURE: File photo

UPDATE: EIGHT people have been arrested and two kilograms of cannabis seized at Nimbin after a squad of 70 police raided a popular cafe and bookshop accused of casually selling drugs to their customers. 

Operation Oleary was established in March 2014 to target cannabis supply in the Nimbin area and as a result of extensive inquiries, police today moved into the arrest phase of the operation.


Up to 70 police from the Northern and Western regions, as well as officers from specialist commands, stormed into the town around 11am as part of the simultaneous drug dog operation targeting the entire community.

So far eight people accused of being involved in the ongoing supply of drugs; including cannabis, LSD, MDMA and prescription medication have been arrested.

Police will also allege the two businesses raided were selling prohibited drugs from the stores.

A third search warrant is being executed at a residential address in Jiggi, where police have allegedly located a large amount of mature cannabis plants.

Richmond Local Area Commander Superintendent Greg Martin said today’s arrests are the culmination of almost six months of tireless work by his Drug Unit.

“As a result of this operation, we have dismantled a criminal group we allege was responsible for supplying significant amounts of drugs throughout the Nimbin area,” Superintendent Martin said.

“I’m aware of the reputation this area has had for a number of years, in regard to drug use and supply.

“Concerns from members of the community have triggered today’s action, and the results should demonstrate that we are committed to working on this issue.

“Those charged with ongoing drug supply face up to 25 years jail. We will continue to target drug offenders and treat them with the seriousness they deserve,” he said.

The operation is still underway with further seizures and arrests expected.

EARLIER: SCORES of police have swooped on the small town of Nimbin south of the border this afternoon in what’s been described by locals as a “mass raid” on the town known for its cannabis culture.

Police have confirmed nothing more than a large scale police operation is underway in the small New South Wales community.

Locals are reporting a squad of police, including a drug forensic bus, the riot and dog squad saturating the town’s main street, conducting raids on local businesses and performing random drug tests on passersby.

In April 2008, more than 100 officers wearing bulletproof vests, six horses and police dogs conducted a major operation where several buildings were raided including the Hemp Embassy.

Eight people were arrested, 72 people were issued cannabis cautions and police seized 4 kilograms (9 lb) of cannabis and cannabis ‘cookies’.

There is no further information available at this stage.