Australian Defence Force under attack over gender recruitment strategy

Men are reportedly losing out on jobs within the Australian Defence Force as it looks to increase the number of women in its ranks.

News Corp has reported staff were told to only recruit women for upcoming roles and have been threatened they’ll be reassigned if they don’t comply.

In the last week, of the 50 army jobs posted, only 15 were available to men.


The numbers are similar for the air force and navy.

Only one of the 18 navy jobs currently listed is open to males. And in the Air Force, all seven jobs listed are for women.

Earlier this year, the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the women already working in defence will inspire the next generation.

“If you can’t see it you can’t be it. You’re being it, you’re being seen and others will follow in your footsteps,” Turnbull said in March.

“There are so many young girls that will look at you and say: ‘I can do that, and that is important.'”

In a lengthy post on his website former Army Officer Bernard Gaynor said that despite the Australian Defence Force working to recruit women, we shouldn’t “expect to see battalions of females marching around anytime soon”.

“The Army might want ‘em but the love is only one way. The vast majority of Australian women are simply not interested. And you know what, that is actually normal and natural,” Gaynor said.

“Of course, Army recruiters have been told that if there are no suitable females but a qualified male is ready to go, they still cannot enlist him,” he continued.

“I hate to tell it to you guys, but you’re being ignored even if you are stronger, fitter, faster.”

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Back when the ADF first started its push for women, they kept a small group of women at Singleton for AGES before starting their training (they need a platoon’s worth for training) because surprise surprise, women just aren’t interested in being a “grunt” (Rifleman).

And it is the same across most combat corps (which are typically filled by men) – you’ll get small numbers of women interested, but the vast majority of them are simply not interested in rolling around on the ground, shooting stuff and blowing things up.

Whomever thought that men and women would have different interests?

I don’t have the answer to boosting the number of females in the ADF, but closing the recruitment to everything but females is NOT the answer!

Source: I spent nearly ten years in the ADF (I just got out a few months ago).