Australian Federal Police reveal dangers of leaving old social media accounts online

Australian Federal Police have taken to social media to warn people about the dangers of old user accounts.

In the post, social media users are advised to delete all of their old user accounts and to consider changing their passwords.

“Remember when Myspace was a thing? When you spent your time personalising your profile, picking top friends and favourite music, and when everyone was friends with Tom?” The AFP Facebook post reads.


“We may have since moved on, but we bet your online account is still sitting there and now it’s a prime target for hackers and criminals.

“There’s reports Myspace was hacked recently and 360 MILLION accounts possibly exposed.

“Personal details could potentially fall into the hands of marketers looking to spam you, or worse still, by criminals to commit fraud.

“Keep yourself safe online – delete all your old user accounts and consider changing your passwords.”