Australian legend Dylan Alcott announces retirement from professional tennis

Australian tennis champion Dylan Alcott has announced his plans to leave professional tennis and move on with the next chapter of his life.

The 30-year-old and long-time World Number 1 made the announcement on Tuesday morning but says he’s not going out without one last hurrah: the 2022 Australian Open.

“I can’t wait for an incredible celebration of not only our beautiful sport but hopefully of where Melbourne has come to and it is going to be incredible and hopefully I don’t choke and lose the first round but I’m going to do my best to play really well.


“Win, lose or draw, I am just going to enjoy it. I am going to try and have a good time,” Alcott said.

He’ll leave the world stage with a total of 23 Grand Slam titles, and a Golden Slam in a magnificent year last year.

But Alcott said tennis is just one part of his life.

It is all about perspective. If I lose the Australian Open, hope Craig will still talk to me,” he said.

“I think my girlfriend will love me. I think my family, life will go on.

“That is what I tell myself. Tennis is a big part of my life but the keyword, a part of my life, it is not my life,” he said.