Australian man allegedly caught with 13 bags of cocaine in Bali

A QUEENSLAND man is facing the possibility of spending the next 20 years in an Indonesian jail after he was allegedly caught with 13 bags of cocaine in Bali.

Brendon Luke Johnsson, 43, was paraded in front of media with two women at a press conference in Bali on Thursday – all three wearing black balaclavas and dressed in orange jumpsuits.

Denpasar police chief, Hadi Purnomo, said Johnsson was arrested with his Indonesian girlfriend, Remi at a boarding house they shared in Kuta about 11pm last Saturday.


It’s alleged 13 clear ziplock bags containing cocaine were found in a box, secreted in the floor of the house.

Mr Purnomo said police raided the address after a woman who they had allegedly caught in possession of cocaine told officers that she had purchased the drugs from Remi.

“When police raided the house there were two people inside, Remi and her western boyfriend, Brendon, Mr Purnomo told reporters.

“Police searches at the house found 13 packages of cocaine in a wallet inside a cardboard box that was put in the floor of their boarding house.”

The cocaine is believed to be valued at 39 Million Rupiah, or $A3636.

Police allege Johnsson admitted that the cocaine was his and claimed that he had used the drug for five years without being caught.

According to News Corp, Johnsson lived on Queensalnd’s Sunshine Coast before moving to Bali four years ago.