Australian man among 8 people killed in four days on world’s tallest mountain

EIGHT people including an Australian have died while trying to climb Mount Everest in the past four days.

Rescuers found the bodies of four climbers inside a tent pitched at Camp 4 at South Col, 8000-metres (26,247 feet) above sea level on Tuesday night. It’s the last camp before climbers make their final trek to the summit.

It’s understood the bodies will need to be carried down to Camp 2 from where they can be winched by helicopter.


The harrowing discovery comes after four climbers died while trying to reach Everest’s 8,850-metre peak over the weekend, including Australian Francesco Enrico Marchetti.

Marchetti, 54, reportedly died of altitude sickness as he approached the summit some 27,230 feet above sea level.

The three other climbers who perished were Indian climber Ravi Kumar, American doctor Roland Yearwood and Vladimir Strba from Slovakia.

Kumar, 27, is said to have died after becoming ill upon reaching the summit on Saturday and apparently falling 650 feet while Strba is believed to have died after reaching 27,500 feet above sea level in the so-called death zone on the Nepali side of the mountain.

It’s understood the weather was so bad on the mountain over the weekend that many climbers were forced to turn around halfway up the summit because of extreme winds.

The eight recent deaths bring the total number of those killed on the mountain this spring climbing season to 10.

That is four more fatalities than the average of six deaths that are typically recorded on the mountain each season which begins in March and runs through the end of May.

The identities, genders and ages of the climbers found deceased in the tent on Tuesday night are still not known.

The Nepalese Tourism Department issued a record 371 climbing permits this year, each costing around $11,000.