Australian man feared drowned after whale-watching boat sinks in Canada

THERE are fears an Australian man is missing, feared drowned, after a whale-watching boat sunk off the coast of Canada.

Authorities have confirmed five people died, all British citizens or residents, after the boat carrying 27 people capsized near Vancouver Island, off Canada’s Pacific coast.

According to AAP, the family of a Sydney man in his 20’s,  who was travelling with his girlfriend, was on the boat and is missing feared dead.


The reports are yet to be confirmed by Australian authorities.

Rescuers called off the search early after plucking 21 survivors from the water.

18 of those rescued were taken to hospital, many of them needing warming after being plucked from the ocean.

The boat, Leviathan II, was some 12 kilometres off Tofino, a resort town on the western edge of Vancouver Island, when a distress call was received around 5pm local time, saying that the ship was sinking.

For unknown reasons, the ship capsized in waters less than 10 metres deep, but its bow remained visible above water.