Australian model claims she was ‘drugged’ at Justin Bieber party

A MELBOURNE model has revealed that she was allegedly drugged at a party hosted byJustin Bieber.

Bailey Scarlett, 18, took to Facebook after being rushed to St Vincent’s hospital after allegedly having her drink spiked at the Melbourne event.

In the post, which has since been removed, Ms Scarlett said she was attending the party because Bieber had requested that there be a “bunch of hot girls/models” there.


Scarlett further explained that upon arrival her phone was taken from her and she was told to pour herself a drink of vodka and lemonade.

She was later poured a second and did a shot with Bieber, when she claims her vision became ridiculously blurred.

Ms Scarlett said she was seeing 10 faces at once and her lips, hands and toes became numb.

The teen began to panic, with Bieber and his entourage ordering her to leave.

Justin Bieber is in Australia promoting his latest single.

Investigations into the alleged incident are continuing.