Australian model questioned over Bangkok bombing

AN Australian model, actor and English tutor has handed himself in to Thai authorities after rumors circulated suggesting he was the the Bangkok bombing suspect from CCTV footage.

Photo: Facebook

The man who identifies himself as Sunny Burns – posted photos of himself on Facebook and Instagram stating he was safe and currently in police custody being questioned about the allegations and was being treated well.


“They are going to search my house for bombs,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “Police are great, doing their job and allowing me to use my phone.”

He added: “I really need a protein shake and a big hug.”

Police said Tuesday that a man who appeared in a CCTV video wearing a backpack and a yellow shirt was the bomber who killed at least 20 people and injured more than 120 on Monday near a shrine during rush hour.

Online, some highlighted similarities between Burns and the man in the video.

CCTV footage of the man authorities believe could be behind the deadly attack

CCTV footage of the man authorities believe could be behind the deadly attack

Burns said he was being questioned due to “social media and some jealous hater spreading gossip.” He insisted he’s innocent: “I’m not a terrorist and the photo of the terrorist looks nothing like me,” he wrote.

Throughout the ordeal, many online offered Burns support: “Thank you for still loving in my country and I trust that you didn’t do it surely, don’t worry,” one wrote, adding a smiling emoticon.

Burns is no longer considered a suspect.  He spoke to Channel Seven’s Sunrise program on Wednesday, you can watch it here: