Australian passport one of the most expensive in the world

Every traveller needs to have one, but how much you pay to obtain a passport varies greatly depending what country you are from.

Here in Australia, we have to fork out $250 to get our hands on a passport, which is a lot more than most nationalities.

GoEuro conducted a study of passports to find out which countries have the most expensive passports, and Australia came in at number 2.


Turkey took out the top spot, with a passport there costing $350, while Switzerland came in third at $220.

Out of the 50 countries GoEuro compared, the UAE was found to have the cheapest passport at only $19.

Here is the top ten most expensive passports in the world:
1. Turkey $350,
2. Australia $250,
3. Switzerland $220,
4. Mexico $216
5. United States $188
6. Italy $188
7. Canada $185
8. Japan $160
9. New Zealand $160
10. United Kingdom $153

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