Australian sentenced to a year behind bars in Bali for smoking a joint

An Australian man has been sent to a year behind bars in Bali for sharing a marijuana joint on a local beach.

Townsville local, Nicholas Langan, was initially charged with drug possession, which carries a maximum 12 years’ jail.

Prosecutors then asked the court to sentence the 25-year-old painter to a maximum four years for drug users.


The time Langan has spent in Kerobokan jail since his January 26 arrest will count towards his sentence.

During the trial, he gave a long apology for his actions, saying he had a history of marijuana addiction that he was trying to overcome.

Also sentenced to one year in jail was Hanung Pekik Hermantoro, 25, a driver for The Green Room Villas, who shared the joint with Langan.

Police say they arrested the pair on a Canggu beach, after a tip-off from a security guard.