Australian terror threat ‘probable’ as Government updates alert system

Australia has moved to a new five-tier terrorism threat advisory system.

Attorney-General George Brandis says the new system enables more information about the potential for a terrorism attack to be communicated to the public.

The Australian Government describes The National Terrorism Threat Advisory System as “a scale of five levels to provide advice about the likelihood of an act of terrorism occurring in Australia”


This text diagram shows the five threat levels and their associated colours: not expected (green), possible (blue), probable (yellow), expected (orange) and certain (red)“When the threat level changes, the Australian Government provides advice on what the threat level means, where the threat is coming from, potential targets and how a terrorist act may be carried out.”

“The National Terrorism Threat Level is regularly reviewed in line with the security environment and intelligence,” The Australian National Security website states.

The change means the current public alert level is “probable”, rather than the previous “high” description.

The five tiers are:

  • Certain
  • Expected
  • Probable
  • Possible
  • Not Expected