Australian woman in Burkini kicked off French beach

An Australian woman has been forced by angry locals to leave a French beach because of her Burkini.

23-year-old Sydney medical student, Zeynab Alshelh was protesting the controversial decision by 30 French cities to ban the Burkini at public beaches in the aftermath of the Nice terror attacks in July.

Shortly after sitting down, Aslhelh and her family were confronted by angry members of the public and told to leave the beach.


Photographs of the incident show a woman gesturing a thumbs down to the family as well as a man phoning the police.

You can see these images here.

The French government ordered the ban on the full-length swimsuits to coincide with their nationwide Burka and face-covering garment ban that was introduced in 2010 – drawing much international criticism.

Alshelh’s protest followed a series of arrests at French beaches over the past month, that lead to many cities overturning the bans altogether.

The ruling Socialist Party in France has been attacked for their allegedly “weak” stance on terrorism.

French presidential elections are taking place next year, with the swimwear that is diving the country likely to be heavily debated.

The Burkini was designed by Muslim Australian designer Aheda Zanetti.