Australian woman faces abduction charges in Canadian court

AN Australian woman charged with abducting her 7-year-old son has faced a court in Canada.

The woman met her husband in Australia and had a son before moving to Canada in 2008.

After the marriage fell apart in December 2011, the woman allegedly picked her son up at school, drove south to the US state of North Dakota and flew to Los Angeles in the hope of catching a connecting flight to Australia.


When the child’s father discovered the woman and son were missing, he contacted the authorities who tracked the her and the child to the LA airport, where they arrested her.

She was held in jail in LA for more than three months before being extradited back to Canada.

She was released on bail in Canada after extradition and now shares custody.

The woman told the court on Monday that she planned to call her husband when she landed in Australia and intended to return to Canada.

The trial continues.