Australians begin Black Lives Matter protests in solidarity with US demonstrations

Protests have now begun in Australia, in solidarity with the death of George Floyd, who was killed while in police custody in the United States.

As states across America enter into the eighth straight day of demonstrations, with some increasing significantly in violence, looting and chaos, Australians are now starting to rise up as well.

While protests have been planned for major cities around our country this week in the name of George Floyd, parallels have been drawn between his death, and the number of indigenous deaths in custody within Australia.


The first such Australian demonstration was held in Sydney last night, with hundreds taking the streets in a peaceful protest.

Many carried signs with the hashtag ‘BlackLivesMatter’ alongside aboriginal flags, while chanting ‘I cant breath’.

The chant “always was, always will be Aboriginal land” was also heard, as protesters marched for the 400 indigenous Australians who have died in police custody since 1991.

Further protests are planned throughout the rest of the week, with one to be held in Brisbane this Saturday from midday. 

Over 11,000 people have expressed interest in the march.

There’ll also be a protest in Melbourne this Saturday afternoon, with almost 18,000 people interested in attending.

Canberra and Adelaide will also hold protests this Saturday, while Perth will hold one next Saturday the 13th June.

While a protest was held in Sydney overnight, it’s understood a vigil has been planned for this Saturday.

Australians are also being encouraged to do a number of other things, if they don’t want to take part in a protest but still want to contribute to the BlackLivesMatter cause.


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After last night’s post went kinda viral ?we had some requests for which Australian organisations to support with your $$$ to end black deaths in custody, police brutality against BIPOC, and the oppression of Indigenous Australians by the law enforcement and judicial systems of this country.⁠ This is a short list focusing on national organisations that specifically address over-representation in prison populations, legal aid and access, and generational trauma.⁠ Ping: @healingourway @humanrightslawcentre @antar_national #changetherecord⁠ 〰️⁠ There are lots more state-based and community-level grassroots orgs operating all over the country that do important work too and deserve your donations. Google will help you find them.⁠ 〰️⁠ That all of this is happening during National Reconciliation Week is not lost on us. The theme this year is #InThisTogether2020 – how can you show that you are ‘in this’ fight together with black communities in Oz?⁠ 〰️⁠ If you got thoughts, our DMs are always open!⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #blackdeathsincustody #sayhisname #antiracism #intersectionalfeminist #NRW2020 #reconciliationweek

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And for those who’d particularly like to help out the American cause, and the family of George Floyd, there are a number of ways to contribute as well.

Read more on that here.

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Black lives matter

What’s happened to social distancing?
We have forgotten about the drought, the bushfires and now Covid 19.
Media has a lot to answer for.
Open up the Uni’s again to get these bums off the streets.
Better still take away their welfare entitlements and if arrested for breaking the law.
Get on with Your own life.

Let me guess, Joe is a white male… I work full time, I don’t attend uni, with precautions in place I will be attending the rally in Brisbane on Saturday with my kids. Meanwhile you can sit at home and whinge about how life is so unfair for you.

Class act taking your Kids

Mum of the year ?

*Another white man, another personal attack. This time on a woman. Keep up the good work, Dan and Joe, your posts are encouraging more good people to come out in protest, yay!

Interesting, but what are these donations going to ‘pay’ for? Better training for the police officers in dealing with aborigines in custody? I’d like to see the money go to training new aboriginal police officers, who will be specialised in this kind of thing. I think that the arrestees might be more positively responsive if they had kinfolk, who better understand their cultures to help them. There just are not enough.

Yes because only aboriginal police officers could possibly understand other aboriginals. How casually racist this comment is astounds me. White Australians need to shut the f*** up and hear indigenous voices. White suggestions and policies are exactly why there is ongoing social and systemic oppression of these people. Raise them up into positions of power, and let them decide how best to address issues concerning them. Meanwhile, it is our obligation as white Australians to actively learn to understand, and over anything RESPECT indigenous voices, culture and traditions. It is also our civic duty to strip away power from disgustingly racist people who promote (even casually as you did) racism, oppression and violence towards POC.

I think your response was unneccassary. This person is trying. We all need to try and understand. Isnt that what this is all about, learning to understand each other. Not judging. The problem seems to me that everyone is afraid to speak up in case they say something that is politically incorrect and get shut down when their intention comes from a genuine place. Lack of understanding in Australia is due to lack of information being taught in schools and not spoken about in white communities. Please dont judge or we are all doomed. Help us to understand if you know better. Dont condem!

We lived in outback Australia and the ‘indigenous ‘ people we saw every day were mostly living rough because they were drunk all the time and in port Augusta we had to put up with them squatting across the road from us while they did a poop or pee. It was disgusting! If a pale skinned human did that,they would be arrested. ALL LIVES MATTER.

You’re generalising an entire race of people due to a single individuals actions while under the influence. Do you know how many white Australians I’ve seen do exactly as you’ve described? Would seeing a white man doing that diminish the white race in your mind? No, because you’re a disgusting person and deeply racist and only “the blacks” could do wrong.

BLACK LIVES MATTER, and yours f****** doesn’t. I hope you get hit by a truck.

“I can’t breathe”, not breath – the last word a of a murdered man should not be misgiven.