“Australians come home first” | PM rules out return of international students

It will still be a while before international students are allowed back into Australia, the Prime Minister confirmed today.

With tens of thousands of Australians still stranded overseas, states and territories will again expand their capacity to take on international arrivals and put them up in hotel quarantine.

Queensland will boost their weekly capita up another 150 spots. It’s understood we’ll soon be receiving up to 650 people a week.


While the Prime Minister has confirmed that Tasmania, Northern Territory and the ACT will be taking on more arrivals as well.

But, Scott Morrison says there’s not enough capacity in hotel quarantine to be able to get everyone back, and that means international students get bumped back as well.

“The challenges we have in getting Australians home means the ability to move and take international students back at this time through quarantine arrangements does not present itself.

“It’s Australians coming home first. That is the Commonwealth policy, that is our policy, and that is the policy that is also being followed by the National Cabinet.

“We need to use every available space that we have in quarantine, and it is not simply a matter of other rooms and hotels to do it, there is also the police, the support that is needed to properly run quarantine and the support that is needed in addition to that.

“So it is a function of all of these, and the quarantine system has been working effectively and we want it to keep working effectively,” the Prime Minister said today.

There’s currently no time line on when international students will be reconsidered.