Australia’s biggest blaze sparks an inquiry

A Coronial Inquest into a devastating house fire that killed 11 people just north of the Gold Coast three years ago, will begin in Brisbane on Monday.

It will examine the circumstances surrounding the Slacks Creek blaze and any factors that may have prevented the members of two families from getting out alive.

The victims included three women, four teenagers, and four children under 10.


Most of the victims were asleep when the fire took hold at night on August 24, 2011.

The three survivors, eye witnesses, emergency service personnel and electrical and gas experts are expected to take the stand during the 10 day probe.

The Brisbane Time reports the Inquest will consider whether all properties should have smoke alarms fitted when sold.

Police ruled the fire was a tragic accident but the coroner will look at what might be done to prevent any repeat of the horrible death toll.

Specifically, Coroner James McDougall has said he’ll consider whether the law should be changed to force all properties to have working smoke alarms at the time they change hands.

The inquest will also look at whether broader accommodation issues may have been a factor in why so many people died that night.

It is expected to run for two weeks.